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Guys, I'm almost back [Update]

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 2, 2017, 8:56 PM
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----2017 April 27th ------------

holy shit
I'm so tired

My parents have been gone for 10 days, I live 20km outside of the city and had a few adventures.. Let's start with the fact that I got basically shouted/almost attacked by some crazy neighbour lady, because she was mad that I kept the backyard movement-sensitive lights on at night (ffs I'm home alone, how can I NOT keep them on, they only turn on if someone is walking in the backyard... and we had some fuckers try to break in last year, that's why we got these lights), even though I actually turned them off?????? Cause she was mad before???????? She started banged on my terrace door, spent good 3mins shouting at me in russian (I understood what she said, I can't talk back in russian though) so I told her in lithuanian (and she knows lithuanian, we live in Lithuania, she used russian so she can shout faster I guess..) and told her how it is. She bodyslammed my GLASS DOOR and I closed it again and walked off.

2 days later my mom's car (I don't have a license, so I only let my friend who has a license drive me around) has it's side mirror taken off

and yesterday some fucks were lurking around the neighbourhood at 3am
I'm so tired
I don't like being home AT ALL. Sure, it's better when I'm alone, but god knows I need to move out.. or at least get a car.
On the bright side, that same friend let me ride his motorcycle AND GOD GUYS I NEED A BIKE SO MUCH IT'S SO FUN

so that's a bit of a bitchy-update, sorry it's so...tireing? I'm honestly exhausted. Haven't touched my pc much except to watch Initial D before falling asleep, other than that I haven't even logged in to dA or FA for longer than a few minutes :^)

I'll be back tomorrow, gonna try to go to town and sit in my chill spot in a cafe with my bf. I need to relax, I miss him, barely saw him this whole time. It'll be nice and I'll be back to drawing, and to those waiting on art - I'll draw you guys some gifts <3 sorry again, it's been rather hectic lately.


----2017 April 9th---------------
Hey guys! 

I'm finally free again, so I'm working on commishes today c: was cleaning my room and realized that I have A LOT of paint and pencils, wondered if anyone would be interested in traditional art commissions? I'll probably do a few pieces since it's easier on the wrist, but it's still me doing art, so it will be a bit of relaxation xD working on a schedule at the moment to slowly move to art being my main income <3 AND I PASSED MY THEORY EXAM WOOO gotta do the driving one now :D
Hope ya guys are doing well!

----2017 April 6th ---------------
 Decided to keep all updates in one journal XD

A few days ago I realized that I have a driver's license theory exam tomorrow morning. I can't do theory for shit send help xD Driving is gg ez, I constantly go around with my friend and he says that I freaking ace at it, and when I used to drive with an instructor I never did any mistakes (except for speeding sometimes cause woopsie daisy).
What do.
I am studying for it right now (hence no finished art uploaded, don't worry though, I got 3 ychs almost finished that are going to be uploaded on sunday, and two commissions sketches (one for AudeS and one for commissioner on FA) (after the god damn exam ;u;)).
To add myself pressure, I managed to make my parents promise that they'll lend me money for a car.. I really want that Mitsubishi Galant VR4 okayplzhelp

ok I'll stop procrastinating now... better get some coffee and hope for driving god to grant me a blessing XD

Hope you guys are doing well~


Just wanted to let ya guys know that I'm all good now, home and all. The only thing that's truly bothering me improvement in art xD shit takes time and effort and my god can it be frustrating.. but hopefully worth it. I plan on making some bigger pieces this year, we'll see how that goes c:

Hope you all are doing well~

Mighty god of war~
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